How to find the right shoe fit?

How to take measurements for Easy Fit boots?

Taking measurement for our Easy Fit boots is quite easy but there are three issues to remember:

  1. Width – is measured in the widest part of the calf, in thin breeches. The measurement should be taken while standing because the calf muscle is slightly tense then. Because of the rubber panel in the boot, the measurement should be taken quite tightly.
  2. Height – is measured at the back. The leg should be slightly bent in the position similar to that which you have while riding. The final point of the measurement is the bending of ligaments at the back of the knee. To measure the height, your feet should be bare – a shoe heel or sole could cause a serious mistake in the measurement.
  3. Length of the foot – is measured barefoot. Stand on a sheet of paper and mark the front and back of your feet, holding the pencil upright. Positioning the pencil at the wrong angle can cause a mistake in the measurement, therefore your foot size could also be helpful. If you have had Hippica boots before, let us know what model and size it was. If not, write what shoe size you usually wear.